Lucioball Returning To Overwatch

Published by Myztic ・ Wednesday, August 02, 2017
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Lucioball Returning To Overwatch

The Summer Games event for Overwatch took place about a year ago, but that does not mean it will never return.

On the contrary; Blizzard has announced the Summer Games 2017, in which even the celebrated Lúcioball makes a glorious comeback.

In the Developer Update below, game director Jeff Kaplan explains what to expect in Overwatch from August 8th. A second attempt to score much-needed legendary skins, as well as a wealth of other (new) goodness to collect.

In addition, we also learn how Lúcioball has been renewed and improved, but of course, a new mode is also available: Copa Lúcioball. For three weeks, this mode will be the competitive version of the Rocket League-like sub-game. The mode isn't only a tough test of your Booping skills, there are also unique Sprays as a reward for the five hundred best players per region.

Starting August 8, Summer Games 2017 will start in Overwatch. Will we see you in action on the new Lúcoball field?




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