Anthem co-op and single player details announced

Mark Darrah, executive producer of Anthem and Dragon Age, has announced more information about the Anthem co-op and single player. The information was made available via the Darrah Twitter channel.

Fans are always curious about games from developers and ask questions regularly. Darrah has decided to answer a few questions via his Twitter channel. These questions are mainly about the co-op and single player details of Anthem.

Anthem co-op and single player details

When making a group to explore Anthem and play missions, players will stay linked to each other for future missions. In Monster Hunter World, for example, this is not the case. Furthermore, the Strongholds mode will require four players.

Players can play with up to three others on one server. If there are two players in a group, then enemies will be harder to beat.  The game does not necessarily have to be played with friends, since matchmaking is available.

Furthermore, missions can be played together, but there is of course a certain storyline which players can follow themselves. According to Darrah, players can get to every part of the map.

Anthem releases February 22 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One PC.

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