Anthem demo release announced at PAX West 2018

Bioware has announced the date of the Anthem demo release at PAX West 2018. Unfortunately, the demo, which is available from February 1, can not be played by everyone. This is only possible if you pre-order the game for a platform of your choice.

The Anthem demo that can be played on February 1 is seen by Bioware as a VIP demo. It is unfortunately not an open demo that everyone can play, but you do not necessarily have to pre-order the game to play the demo. People who have a Basic or Premier subscription to EA Access or Origin Access can also play the demo on February 1st.

Anthem demo release not available to everyone

The Anthem demo release is not intended to test the technical aspects of the game, but it is an opportunity for the fans to try out the game in the best possible condition. In addition, Bioware on PAX West 2018 indicated that there will be a whole number of different versions of the game until the demo is available on February 1st.

It is known that the demo will be available for pre-orders and the EA Access and Origin Access subscriptions. It is not known how access will be granted to these people. Bioware will announce this at a later time.

Anthem Our World, My Story trailer

Bioware also released the Our World, My Story trailer. In this trailer the story elements of the game are highlighted. In addition, it becomes clear that the choices made by the players influence the world in which you play. Watch the trailer above! Earlier, Anthem solo and co-op details were announced.

Anthem is an action RPG game in which a new and mysterious world can be discovered. The game is designed to easily play with friends. The players are also free in their character choice. Everyone can choose the same character and still victory can be achieved. We have already seen the new Anthem game on gamescom and it seems to be a very cool game!

Anthem will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 22, 2019.

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