Everything we know about the Anthem classes: The 4 Javelin suits

In Anthem, your character will slip into battle suits called Javelins. These suits are divided into four classes: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm. Learn here what is known about the different classes.

Javelins are the classes of Anthem: The combat suits can be exchanged between the missions, which is why you are not tied to a fixed class.

So far, four Javelins have been introduced: These are in the game for launch. They all have their own abilities and thus offer different gameplay. Your character (the Freelancer) and the Javelin Fighter Suits can be developed independently in the game.

Later, more javelin will come to Anthem, then unlock the players. However, these are still completely unknown.

Ranger – The all-rounder and starter in Anthem


What’s the Ranger about? This Javelin is a classic all-rounder that can do a bit of everything and is thus versatile. He should shine particularly in 1 vs 1 fights. All players start in Anthem with the Ranger, while the other three classes are unlocked in missions.


  • Shock Baton: The Ranger drives out an electric mace, which he uses to drive a large amount of energy through his opponents.
  • Grenades: The grenades trigger a surface attack that deals damage to multiple enemies. The ranger can find and equip different grenades, which then trigger different effects, such as frost or steering grenades.
  • Muster Point: The Ranger creates a rally point for the team. In the area of ​​effect of this location, allies receive a shortened cooldown on the equipment.
  • Mini-Rocket Salvo: This is the ultimate ability of the ranger to create a hailstorm of micro-missiles. The projectiles can hit dozens of opponents.

Colossus – The aggressive tank


What’s the Colossus about? This is the massive tank in the game, which you can also see by looking at the stature of this javelin. That’s why he moves a bit more cumbersome than the other classes. He’s equipped with heavy artillery and has heavy weapons and even a flamethrower. A jet engine and a thick cannon are also part of his arsenal.

The Colossus provides damage reduction and has a lot of explosive power. He may be better armored than the other Javelins, but the Colossus stands for brute force and is a mere killing machine.


  • Smash: With this skill, the Colossus uses his frame as a weapon. He falls down from the air and smashes down everything that comes under his massive body. Likewise, he can also use his hammer blows in close combat. If the opponents do not die directly, they are thrown to the ground.
  • Shield: The Colossus pulls out a huge shield from his arm and can fend off attacks from the front. This is also possible if the Colossus floats or flies. With a raised shield, the Colossus can also safely start the rush and bounce by opponents or threats from the environment.
  • High-explosive mortar: The ballistic mortar is a steep-flamed gun and allows balls to hail down on the enemy.
  • Siege Cannon: This is the ultimate skill of Colossus. The Siege Cannon triggers devastating damage and creates chaos. The Colossus targets a target and pulverizes it.

Storm – The Kinetic Thunder Mage


What’s the Storm about? Storm is a kind of elemental magician who controls the air. Storm is described as more fragile than the other Javelins, which would also be typical of a magician. For defense, this Javelin isn’t the best pick. Using a special sealing technology, Storm unlocks hidden Kinese powers he floats with.

Known Skills: So far, two skills have been released by Storm.

  • Hover: Storm manipulates kinetic energy so that it can hover a bit above the ground. In the air he is agile and can still attack. A certain distance to the opponents remains given and also an overview of the fighting.
  • Teleportation: The air is manipulated and Storm can move directly to another position nearby. Perfect for tricking or avoiding opponents.

Interceptor – The fast and agile assassin


What’s the Interceptor about? This Javelin is the most elegant and lightweight of the combat suits, making it damn fast on the move. The Interceptor plays like an assassin, rushing into battle to assassinate his enemies and flee as fast as he can. He should not be as strong as the other Javelins, but compensates with his maneuverability and evasiveness.

Known Skills: Nothing is known about individual skills. But we do know that the Interceptor attacks with powerful blades. Because of his skills, he should be able to function as an independent lone fighter and supporter.

What do the four classes have in common?

In addition to the differences, there will also be some commonalities:

  • They give their wearer superhuman powers
  • You can increase their speed
  • You can fly
  • You can dive
  • All Javelins can be modified and customized
  • All Javelins have an ultimate attack
  • All Javelins have a melee attack
  • There will be no special female Javelins
  • Javelins do not have skill trees, but there are set bonuses

Each class can be modified: Javelins are individually customizable

Javelin combat suits and their associated weapons can be modified and personalized. Players collect new equipment in the world and continue to rise as they defeat enemies. Milestones are reached.

These achievements unlock opportunities to further customize the Javelins and tailor them to their own style.

The loot depends on the Javelin on the mission: Which loot the players find each on missions, depends on which Javelin they have just equipped. All players in the group also receive individual loot.

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