Many upcoming Freelancers have been wondering if there’s going to be a companion app for Anthem when the game finally releases. Imagine this: You’re not at home and you’re using the app to talk to your friends and discuss the stronghold you’re going to do later on. What loadout will you take? Perhaps make some changes to it right now so your Javelins ready for when you get home and be good to go. Sounds great! Right?

Well, it so happens to be that the launch of a free companion app for Anthem has been announced today by bl4cksh33p on their new matching Twitter and website, as can be seen in the tweet down below.

Additionally, they write about it on their Instagram as well, stating that the app will be free and available in the WindowsStore and Googleplay. It’s name in the app stores will be “Companion for Anthem”. Naming rules don’t allow trademarked names at the beginning and its not an official app from Bioware or EA but made by bl4cksh33p as mentioned above. As for an iOS version, we’ve asked about it and here’s the answer:



So sadly, all the iOS users out there like myself, will have to wait for now and hopefully in the future, we get our version of the companion app as well.

Overall, it sounds great to me! What kind of functionality do you think this app will have? Or should have? Let us know down in the comments below.