New Anthem trailer shows story and world

The new Anthem trailer was unveiled at The Game Awards by developer BioWare. In the trailer for EA’s third-person shooter you get to know Anthem’s story and villain. The trailer gives some extra context about the world of Anthem.

The walls that have to protect mankind are no longer holding. The bad guy, the Monitor, is introduced and you get to know what his goal is. The only one who can stop him is you as a so-called Freelancer. Freelancers are hired killers who kill aliens all over the world and prevent bad things from happening.

In the world of Anthem there is a kind of energy called the Anthem of Creation. Sometimes that energy causes catastrophes and the Freelancers have to solve the problems. A difficult job. The only way peace can be in the world of Anthem is to use pure power.

Anthem Trailer shows Fort Tatris

One of the biggest issues was whether Anthem gave the player options to create his own story. As a player you already had those options in Dragon Age and Mass Effect. BioWare assures fans that there are dialogue choices in the game, but they will not be as big as those in Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

The dialogue options you receive will mainly take place at your home base. The home of the Freelancers is Fort Tatris. In addition to the large amount of action, you have the chance to rest here. At Fort Tatris the player gets the chance to talk with characters and thus to choose his own dialogue. Your choice for dialogue influences the way the computers deal with you.

Anthem gets various missions

Everyone who plays Destiny knows how difficult it is to apply a good storyline to a game that focuses mainly on repeating content. BioWare is aware of this and will also separate the story missions with the gravel missions you have to play to get higher.

“We want people with two lenses to watch the story,” says Jonathan Warner, creative director of Anthem, during a press conference. “One looks at the story of the fight against the Monitor and his Dominion. The other looks at conflicts all over the world. “

The world conflicts are the backbone for Anthem’s re-playable missions to improve. The world of Anthem will therefore continue to develop after the launch.

Anthem release date

Anthem is available from February 22, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This game was announced during the Game Awards of 2018, see who the winners were of this year.


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