Apex Legends

Apex Legends tortures cheaters in an awesome way

Toxic cheaters, pay attention.

Cheaters are a nuisance for any competitive online game and especially with free titles like Apex Legends (where players can just create a new account) it’s hard to protect honest gamers from scum. Respawn Entertainment, on the other hand, has come up with a delicious measure for torturing cheaters.

Respawn is working hard and that includes anti-cheat optimization. The usual technique is about automatically detecting and banning cheaters based on in-game parameters. Someone with a 100% accuracy over a number of games is, of course, a cheater first class. But besides a simple ban, Respawn is working on a way to personally hurt cheaters, instead of encouraging them to create a new account.

If your account is flagged to be a cheater, you will be matched with other cheaters in the upcoming update, as Respawn lets us know in a Reddit post. This means that it will soon be possible for a full server of 60 players to be full of cheaters. Imagine that everyone hits all the shots, can move unnaturally fast and can see each other through walls.

This battle of the titans keeps the scum busy while honest players just compete against each other in an arena where everyone has equal opportunities and only differences based on skill (and a portion of luck, of course).

In addition to this great measure, Respawn is also working on a system to detect and subsequently block spam accounts before they are used. Oh, and if one of your squadmates cheats while you play every game with him, you run the risk of being banned yourself. After all, playing together with a cheater is also cheating…

Shortly after the gigantic launch of Apex Legends, thousands of players were caught using cheats. A month later, hundreds of thousands of players even had to make do with a rock-hard I.P.-lock. Sorry guys, but you’ll just have to learn to play the game yourself.

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