Feel like playing Battlefield V before its release? Then we have good news for you: there will be an open Beta release! You’ll probably also be happy to know that it won’t be long before you can try it, as it will be available from the beginning of September.

DICE recently revealed that the Battlefield V Open Beta will take place in early September. At the moment we do not know the exact days on which we will be able to play it or if it will be available simultaneously on all platforms. In addition, the content to be offered in it is not yet known.

DICE also commented that after the Alpha ended, there is several improvements and tweaked settings ready for Battlefield V. For example, reducing the time it takes to revive an ally. Also, the amount of ammunition in some classes will change and there will be adjustments to the arms balance.

But that’s not all, the members of the team assures that matchmaking will offer a better experience in the open Beta. For example, the system will match players with a similar skill level and put them on the server with as little latency as possible.

The following image shows data from the alpha where players paratrooped down and where they landed. This data will be used to improve different aspects of paratrooping landing.

battlefield 5 alpha dataHow are you warming up for the upcoming beta? Upgrading your rig? Training in the old games?
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