Battlefield V Day 1 Patch Update and Features

It wouldn’t be easy to set a specific universal release date for all Battlefield V, as each edition has a different date and, if you have Origin Access, you might already be playing. However, we do know the exact size and features of the Day 1 Patch.

Those who have purchased the BFV: Deluxe Edition got themselves a full info about the download sizes last November 15, 2018. Anybody who only has the standard edition, hear us out because we got the full info leaked just for you.

Deluxe Edition purchasers have already begun their Battlefield downloads and already playing according to various users on Twitter.

Battlefield V Day 1 Patch Details

Patch Size

PC: 1.56GB
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: 350MB

Performance Patches

PC: DXR will be available in this patch. NVIDIA will continue to optimize this implementation and provide regular updates.

Xbox One: New use of the Instant-On function of Xbox.

Performance enhancements: Game stability.

If your still having performance issues, be sure to check our Battlefield 5 Tweak guide!

Bug Fixes

Frontline in Devastation

 Bomb appears within the wall. Latest patch removes that glitch.

War Stories

Players cannot collect Cards playing offline, as it requires an online connection.

Weapon Selection

Fixed the bug that made weapons invisible on the weapons selection screen.

Menu Fix

Fixed the problem that made menus unusable after canceling a matchmaking.

Airborne Mode Fixes

Regeneration protection

Ability for wounded enemies to arm bombs on targets

Ability to shoot down planes faster.

Battlefield V is now available with Origin Access last November 15, 2018 for those who purchased the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition and November 20, 2018 for the ones who pre-ordered the standard edition.

Have you tried Battlefield V yet? What do you think of the Day 1 patch? Do you think there are still a ton of glitches in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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