EA clarifies Grand Operations will released on its debut

Some players waiting for Battlefield V were disappointed yesterday when they learned that Grand Operations, one of the most anticipated modalities of the title, would not be available on its release day.

Were you one of them? Don’t worry, it was all a mistake. It all started with a text that Electronic Arts published on their official blog in June. It specified that Grand Operations would be available “shortly after the launch” of Battlefield V.

People were getting confused so Electronic Arts reached out to the media to report it as outdated information. On their Twitter EA made a statement that Grand Operations will be available during the launch of the game as part of Tides of War.

This gameplay mode is an improved equivalent of the Battlefield 1 Operations mode. In it you will learn about various historical events of the Second World War with a narrative approach. What you and your team do during the days of history will affect what happens next.

If you’re expecting Battlefield V, keep in mind that there will be an open Beta starting in September. In addition, DICE prepares some adjustments for the game after the Alpha closed. Electronic Arts recently commented that they would like to see cross-play in the new release.

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