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10 Tips to Help You Own in Black Ops Cold War

Win more games with these 10 tips to help you own in Black Ops Cold War. Get the Beta bonus easily using these tips. 

First things first, Black Ops Cold War is not Modern Warfare/Warzone.

While there are a lot of similarities between the games mentioned like game elements, operators, gunsmith, and field upgrades. The game will have noticeable differences which will be explained more in detail in this post. So keep that in mind.

With that out of the way, lets get on with 10 tips to help you win more games in Black Ops Cold War.

  1. Time to Kill(TTK) is longer/higher.

If you have been playing MW/Warzone a lot lately, you will notice that it takes 1-2 bullets more to kill enemies. Like previous Treyarch games, TTK is a bit higher. So don’t release the fire button early. Confirm your kill.

  1. Drop-shotting is a no-no.

This applies again to MW/Warzone players where drop-shotting is frequently used. If you don’t know what drop-shotting is, it’s pressing prone right after firing. This messes with your enemy’s aim. 

In Black Ops Cold War, there is a small delay and you go out of ADS when you prone. This will make you defenseless in a gunfight. You could do jump-shotting instead.

  1. Wildcards are free. Use it.

Every loadout can equip a wildcard and there are some wildcards that will impact your loadout heavily. Like the Law Breaker that will allow you to carry two primary weapons. These are free bonuses so use it to your advantage.

  1. Field Mic is Broken.

The Field Mic is a ground UAV that automatically pings players who enter its area. The area it covers can be seen by others but some players don’t bother looking for the field mic. Use field mic to gain the upper hand.

  1. Counter Field Mic with Ninja Perk.

The Ninja perk can be used of you find field mic annoying. This directly counters the Field Mic by lowering your sprint noise.

  1. Cavalry Lancer for vehicles.

If you’re playing the larger maps and modes like Fireteam and Combined Arms that have a lot of vehicles, consider equipping the Cavalry Lancer barrel. This makes your damage to vehicles increase by 100-500%, depending on your weapon. Remember to use this only if you’re playing a vehicle-heavy map. 

  1. Shotgun are your friend.

Shotguns are secondary weapons in Black Ops Cold War. Blast unsuspecting enemies with your shotgun if you are in tight spaces.

  1. Be Sneaky. Use Ghost.

Ghosts no longer work when you’re stationary. You have to move for Ghost to work. Campers will no longer benefit from Ghost. Thanks, Treyarch!

  1. Guns have Low Recoil

Weapon recoil is low here in Black Ops Cold War. Use this to your advantage.

  1. ADS Reload

Reload while aiming down your sights. Don’t let your target get away. 

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