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162-Kill Record In A Single Match Made By Warzone Squad

Player Aydan Conrad managed to have more kills-per-match than there are players on the map, claiming that it’s a feat that “will NEVER be broken”.

The four man team mowed through Verdansk like a hot knife through butter, starting from a chopper and even on foot down to the gulag. The feat is not particularly otherworldly, as there is a logical explanation as to how and why this was done. 

As many players and spectators have pointed out, the 162-kill massacre took place in a lower-skilled “bronze one” lobby according to stat-tracking site SBMM Warzone. Based on the site’s data, that’s in the bottom 20 percent of Warzone lobbies with an average 0.89 kill/death ratio. Aydan dealt the most damage in his squad with an impressive 47 kills and a 4.98 kill/death ratio, while his teammates managed 46, 36 and 33. For reference, the highest kill count among the other squads was a meagre total of ten. 

Would you be able to beat this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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