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A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update This Week is Expected To Bring Back Vehicles To Warzone

People have been rather confused over Call of Duty: Warzone’s lack of vehicles, with everyone wondering where it all went. Despite the Infinity Ward event happening over at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, no actual clarifications we’re made to have things make sense.

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The developer, Infinity Ward, has been quite cryptic with what’s going on, only sharing a tweet stating:

Players have been speculating the amount of glitches the vehicles have brought into the game, making the ATVs, cars, trucks, and helicopters be taken off for the time being. Or would it never come back forever?

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It would only be most logical that vehicles be taken off it it’s bringing problems into the game, having servers crash with them going too far out of bounds. But still, there’s no official statement given to where they all actually have gone. One developer has quite clarified the case, stating what’s up with the tweet below:

Hopefully Activision gets a good hold of this to make it work again, hopefully making the cut on the next playlist update coming in tomorrow, September 8. With vehicles back in Modern Warfare (probably), it’s sure to up the ante for everyone’s gaming pleasure.

Waiting for the vehicles to come back too? Let us know in the comments below.

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