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A Pay-To-Win Sniper Blueprint Breaks Warzone

A new HDR Sniper blueprint proves to be game-breaking and sadly, it’s the pay-to-win kind and it’s pissing everyone off. The problem is that ┬ácertain blueprints actually give weapons a damage boost compared to their base version, while some skins have let users literally go invisible at long-range.┬áSuch is the case for the HDR Oceanographer

To avail the skin, you must first purchase in-game worth exactly 1,400 COD Points for the Tacticolor II Bundle. The main problem is the scope advantage, as the Oceanographer doesn’t black out the sides which makes it easy to see if someone’s trying to kill you.

It’s definitely not as broken as the MAC10 but the clear advantage just because you coughed up some money is definitely unfair for most. What do you think of this issue? Let us know in the comments section below.

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