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A Season 2 Warzone Glitch Has Been Making COD Players Invincible

Infinite stim , invisibility , and overpowered glitches aside, a new problem has rose inside Call of Duty under the release of Warzone’s 2nd Season. The clip from Reddit user tenXeXo, showing the glitch in action, can be found in the Reddit post embedded below:

A video has been shared online in which players can be seen clipping inside the walls of Chemical Engineering on Rebirth Island. After doing so, they can then see through the floors and use the advantage to kill players that pass by. It’s a neat little trick for those that pull it off, but it’s a bit frustrating for those that encounter it. According to the poster, there was a Jeep parked near the building, which they believe is how players were able to clip into the building. While tenXeXo believes the glitch occurred with the season changeover, some comments on the original Reddit post claim that they had encountered this issue prior to the new season. Regardless of when the glitch first popped up, it’s frustrating for players looking to get kills legitimately in Call of Duty: Warzone. There are already enough elements for players to consider while playing, and glitches just add another headache for those trying to enjoy the game.

Have you encountered this problem yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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