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Best SMGs in Warzone for Season 6

See our top picks for the best guns for close-quarter engagements.

SMGs are great for players who want to play a fast-paced, in your face kind of game. Here is our list of the best SMG you can use to dominate your lobby.

S Tier

  • MP7

The MP7 has a low damage per shot(40/shot). But what makes the MP7 King of the SMGs is its high fire rate, excellent mag capacity and manageable recoil. Equip it with attachments for recoil and range, you’ll have a beast that will absolutely shred enemies.

  • MP5

MP5 is hands down one of the best guns in close range figths. This gun will shred enemies at point blank range thanks to its high damage. The recoil is bad but at close range, it wont matter that much. But if you’re looking for longer engagements, you might want to switch to an assault rifle. 

A Tier

  • Uzi

The Uzi is one of the highest damaging SMG in the game. It has 55 damage per shot but has a low firing rate. You will probably win any face to face engagements, but anything over 5 meters would be hard. The side-to-side bullet spread and low fire rate is a pain to deal with.

  • PP19 Bizon

The PP19 Bizon is a well balanced SMG with the highest mag capacity. It almost feels like an assault rifle and has better damge fall-off. But SMGs are supposed to be for close-quarter battles,not for mid-range. If faced against a MP5 in close range, the MP5 clearly has an upper hand. 

  • P90

The P90 is almost as good as the MP7. Controllable recoil pattern, high rate of fire, good mag size. All this to compensate for the low damage per shot. What makes the P90 only in A tier is its ‘meh’ attachments. 

  • AUG

The AUG combined with the 5.56 kit makes it one of the best gun in Warzone. Combine it with Monolithic Suppressor and longest barrel, the AUG can compete with most assault rifles. But this is a SMG tier list, Its better if you use other SMG instead of an AUG without a 5.56 conversion kit.

B Tier

  • Fennec
  • ISO
  • Striker 45

Just don’t. There are other SMG that performs better. These three guns either have low mag count or recoil problems. Just stick with S and A tier SMGs and you’re golden.

Do you agree with our tier list? 

Let us know in the comments!

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