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Black Ops Cold War’s H.A.R.P. Glitch Is ANNOYING

Imagine spending 6000 points on a scorestreak just to find out it’s bugged out of use. Well, that’s the case with H.A.R.P. and it’s incapability to function without the UAV turned on.

Reddit user u/TheDerpasaur1 first took notice of this game-breaking glitch, watching it fuck him over while playing on Hardcore.

The H.A.R.P bug is not just in Hardcore, but also present in core modes. In core, you’ll always have your radar active, but occasionally you won’t see enemies on the radar due to a bug with the Jammer field upgrade.

If a teammate or enemy has one active while a H.A.R.P is up, the markers on the radar will be blocked off. An enemy jammer is understandable, but it appears this also appears when you’re around one a teammate has called in.

We recommend watching out for jammers in core modes, and not running the H.A.R.P in hardcore modes for the time being.

So I guess moving forward we have to wait for dev from Treyarch or Activision to fix this until it gets resolved.

Have you encountered this glitch yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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