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C4 Nerf In Modern Warfare Has Been Posing Problems

Some wise asshat decided to nerf the C4’s throwability, and now people have been playing to die ever since. Call it a learning curve, I believe it’s just plain dumb.

Warzone C4 Guide: How to Throw C4 Farther, Detonate It Faster

Gone are the days when you can throw your C4 so far away that it kills an entire squad upon detonation. Now, you can only throw it close enough to plant it, and eventually even kill yourself in the process.

The patch notes from Infinity Ward had indicated a 30% reduction in the throw initial velocity along with adding a slight delay to detonation, but it sees to have players more bamboozled than being happy about it.

People are seen killing themselves left and right, unbeknownst to the fact that the C4 has recently been messed and fucked with. Yikes. If you’re still confused with what’s going on, here’s a good comparison video made by a Redditor:

Players have since then been divisive of the entire debacle, as some feel as if they’ve lost an integral weapon in garnering a win, and some find it just fair to have the nerf take into place.

Above everything, it surely would take a bit of getting used to. What do you think of this patch update? Are you for or against it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Jeremy D Helmick
Jeremy D Helmick
2 years ago

Its ridiculous how bad they nerfed the C4. 30%? If thats what 30% nerf looks like, id hate to see if they had did more. They need to stop nerfing stuff. The 2 new guns tbat came out with season of 6 are already scheduled for to be nerfed. The assault rifle & markmen rifle. They want to nerf the marksmen rifle because its “too, powerful, fast & accurate”. They should just nerf 1 gun & take the rest out of the game because they keep nerfimg them til theyre all about the same so theres no point in having… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Jeremy D Helmick
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