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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies – THE 411

Alas, it’s finally here! No one could dare deny how much they have been crazy waiting for Black Ops Cold War, and the teasers are out now!

The entire world of Twitter has gone crazy since the reveal, and Treyarch couldn’t seem to be more proud about the revelation and the reaction of the fans and gamers alike.

The reveal has actually brought things up to a whole new different level of zombies in Call of Duty, with most old favorites returning and some new stuff coming in as both an improvement and something to still look out for.

No one can simply deny the sheer joy of bringing back the undead to where they once came, as Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies continue on where the story ended in Black Ops 4. With the entry of Die Maschine, the new map, Nacht der Untoten has basically been expanded to cater to better gameplay and to satiate fan expectations.

So with this we go back to 1980 as we all try to figure how Requiem, led by Grigori Weaver, survives this crazy World War II bunker that has kept it’s secrets for far too long. Sadly, Omega is after them and the hidden stuff too, as these Soviets try their best in outlooting Requiem. There hasn’t been much said moving forward, as Activision and Treyarch would rather let you discover what’s up on November 13 rather than now.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Zombies – A New Beginning

To add some more details to help quench your undying thirst, here are some more nifty tidbits.

THE OPERATORS from multiplayer such as Russel Adler, Lawrence Sims, and the very famous Frank Woods can be used to fight through these zombie missions.

BATTLE PASS counts this zombie side quest, so that means you can rack up point by playing through the entire story and you’d definitely get rewarded accordingly.

WEAPON RARITY exists, so as usual, the more rare the weapon the stronger it is.

FIELD UPGRADES are available for zombies, as it works much like Black Ops Cold War’s Multiplayer. These would definitely change the game for your squad, as you pull out these card tricks one by one in the most crucial and desperate of times.

PERKS are retuning, but they’re now Cold War themed to fit the entire vibe. Loadouts are about to get super crazy, especially with Juggernog and Speed Cola in tow.

EXFILTRATION also now exists, so you can run away from the horde if needed. I mean, you’d rather run away than turn into one, right? Thing is, the spawn rate goes haywire when you try to outrun the horde, so expect rewards if ever you’d manage to survive.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies features new ways to progress,  classic Perks, and

There’s definitely a lot to digest right now, but the best thing for you to expect is a lot of cross play going on, with co-op promising cross-gen and cross-progression. Lastly, post launch content is free, so it’d be best if you pre-order now so you can catch up on the upcoming beta.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode revealed: trailer, details, more | Dexerto

Just as hyped as we are? Let us know in the comments section below!

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