Call of Duty

Call Of Duty Broken Loadout REVEALED

Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff is back at it again, revealing the most questionable things happening inside Call of Duty. One of which includes calling out a loadout so overpowered it renders the game broken.

The video shows how hhis new AUG loadout can eliminate opponents with just a few squeezes of the trigger, though it relies on first-shot accuracy in a major way. To replicate the loadout in the video below, you will want to equip the AUG with the 17-inch Titanium barrel, the Infancy Compensator muzzle, and the Axial Arms 3X optics. From here, you will want to add the Field Agent Foregrip and complete the loadout with .45 RND Drum ammunition. With this loadout, you will get a boost to accuracy and range, which means if your playstyle is more reliant on movement than shot accuracy, it may not be the best loadout for you.

Have you tried this loadout before? Do you feel like it’s such a hack? Let us know in the comments section below!

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