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Call of Duty Has Become Too Big – Storage Issues Ensue

Fans of the popular FPS have been complaining on how compartmentalization wasn’t taken into consideration for the Call of Duty games. Aside from the non-stop glitching and the cheat-like weapons, a common problem with Call of Duty fans is storage space, as no resolution from Activision has been given since.

People have actually been unable to get their hands on Season 6, just because there have been so many modes downloaded into your storage despite you not playing them. Twitter user BattleNonSense has this to say:

Getting yourself an SSD to maximize gaming capability is definitely not the case for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but reverting back to old hard disk drives would easily tamper with loading times and overall performance. So where should Call of Duty fans actually dip their feet in? As much as you can uninstall certain modes through Battle.Net thanks to Blizzard, separating Warzone and Modern Warfare has been far from being successful.

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As far as things go, the only resolve for now would be to get yourself a new SSD that stores better. Costly, but that’s the only fix. So, would you be upgrading or would you be giving up? Let us know in the comments section below!

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