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Call of Duty Leaks – Perks and Season 7

Not much has been recently been going on in the world of Call of Duty, as everyone is over Cold War and is more eager for Modern Warfare’s Season 7. Mixed reviews had came and went for Black Ops Cold War, with some feeling it’s a bit too short-handed. It basically feels like a 2K game at this point: only updating the graphics and the roster but with not much addition to the actual gameplay, no innovation, and barely any improvements. If anything, it can still get as broken as it was a few years ago, but I guess that’s just that. Nonetheless, a leak from a recent patch update had shown light for a rather exciting return of a fan favorite perk:

There are two perks posted, well, two icons at least. Fans have been more eager on the first one, noting that it’s the Lightweight perk that helps players walk faster in the battlefield. For the other, well, it’s for Treyarch and Activision to clarify and solidify the fan theories.

The update also came with the news of the Mac-11 returning, a Black Ops favorite that is yet to be released for this new-gen game. Thank you, data miners. Lastly, an Infinity Ward artist had reveal that Season 7 is on the works.

There isn’t really many details to it yet, but certainly it would come out the same time Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War gets released which for all everyone knows is on December 1. New content is promised, but no themes nor titles have ever been teased nor disclosed for the longest time . Surely enough, if you’ve been putting all the time in Black Ops Cold War, this is enough a reason to go back to playing Modern Warfare and Warzone.

So, are you hyped or are you tired of this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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