Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Mobile Anniversary Leaks

Data miners have definitely maximized the season 11 update, leaking stuff Activision has been gearing toward’s mobile’s first anniversary.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Releasing on October 14: Here's What to  Expect | Technology News

The new BR map Alcatraz along with the Club has already been added, but mythical weapons that have been teased for the longest time have yet to come out. That was until the official Twitter announcements.

The HVK-30 Maximum Security has just been added, but what people are really waiting for the release is the Fennec-Ascended to be added to the arsenal. The gacha option for such seems to be through mythic cards, which seems to be needed to collected to push the power of mythic weapons to its maximum capacity. Thanks for the leak, @Murdablast!

Also there have been two easters eggs added to the game so far. One can be found in Isolated. All you have to do is go to Launch Base. From there you’d see that there’s a missile rocket missing. Many think that a nuke event might happen in this area later in this season. These are just speculations at the moment, and it confirms nothing.

The other egg requires you to head over to the Club and pick up a glow stick lying on the left side. Take the glow stick to burn the ‘Wall Post’ by striking it. Next, go near Adler, where there is a ‘Pawn’ sign. Striking that coin will finish the secret mission and you will receive a mail titled- “Pawn Takes Pawn Reward”. This mail will contain a code and a link to a website.

That’s what we have for you so far, but we promise to keep you updated as things keep on unfolding.

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