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Call of Duty Mobile China Borrows BR Elements from Warzone

With the Christmas release of Call of Duty Mobile in China at it’s booming peak, people were quick to figure its stark similarities with Warzone. Not only was the game a grand success with a major opening for the more-than-excited Chinese fans, people were also happy to find some more-than-familiar elements in game from it’s PC counterpart.

Several YouTubers have recently found a way to change regions and have the Chinese version of the game run in their mobile devices, only to find out how satisfying the game was.

Image via Facebook

The perks, gameplay, loading screens, and layouts all feel too familiar, with people feeling as if it’s a tamed down version of the PC’s overblown Call of Duty: Warzone

Image via Call Of Duty Mobile

The game plays really well on the phone, as long as you have your Snapdragons and RAM’s maxed out good. Check out the videos above to see for yourself!

What do you think of this new CODM for China? Let us know in the comments section below!

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