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Call of Duty: Mobile Launches In China; Makes Records

Everyone can’t seem to get enough of Call of Duty: Mobile, as the Chinese release proves it hard. With over 50 million pre-registered users upon announcement at the app store. To even properly secure the domination, they even had the Chinese King of Pop Jay Chou at their helm to prove how strongly they want this to work.

Call of Duty: Mobile dropping in China a year after the worldwide release proves fruitful, at it launched it’s beta test last October 20 after getting greenlit by the Chinese government last August. Of course, several regulations regarding the country’s strict media policies are also heavily taken into consideration. Activision Blizzard truly had made wonders with this one, also thanking Tencent for helping develop it and making it happen.

Call of Duty Mobile Officially Launches Chinese Beta Registration | Mobile  Mode Gaming

Since then, the recent development had pushed the game to surpass 300 million downloads, just after roughly a year of release. ICYMI, Call of Duty: Mobile was actually put out last October 1, 2019, hence the anniversary-themed gaming inside the app going on for the entirety of October. You can check out the statement of Matt Lewis, the game’s general manager, below:

With all this in tow, it’s far from impossible to see Call of Duty: Mobile to easily surpass PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds or PUBG easily despite it’s comparatively premature release. Roughly 500 milllion dollars have been spent on in-game purchases just on the games first year, easily showing how much potential it actually has than it is currently being perceived. With PUBG just reaching 600 million last March after 3 years of being live, COD: Mobile had actually done half the work in 1/3s the amount of time.

Tencent to Start Testing Call of Duty Mobile Game in China Soon

With Call of Duty: Mobile having such a good thing going, do you think it’s set out straight to conquer the mobile gaming market? Let us know in the comments section below!

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