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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 Gets Grand Update

The release of the big New Order update for Call of Duty Mobile resets the seasons back to 1, and this has all taken effect since it’s release last January 26 at 4PM PT. The update promises that the game would be  “packed with new weapons and operators”, and it seems like they’re not lying about it. Check out the tweet from the official Twitter of COD Mobile below:

New Order will bring a new original Multiplayer map to the mix, alongside a 3 versus 3 gunfight, a 20-player ‘Attack of the Undead’, and an all new Blitz Battle Royale mode. New Order also comes aided with a brand new Battle Pass. This sports as many as 50 tiers of free and premium content in terms of getting new characters, new weapons, blueprints, charms, and other benefits. Gamers will get a chance to win and use a lot of weapons as they make their way up to the tier 50.

Are you excited? Have you updated the app yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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