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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets Its Realism Questioned

With the release of several DLCs and bundles, Infinity Ward has been getting some heat off of fans. The entire point of Call of Duty as an FPS game was to deliver a sense of realism that you can’t get from other games, but now it seems to stray towards the path of Fortnite, Valorant, and even Overwatch.

Corporate brand tie-ins a side, a recent bundle put up for grabs for players to avail had some heads scratching towards Activision and Infinity Ward. The Tracer pack consists of 16-bit elements and funky chromas for you to boot.

Upon purchase you can get a Commodore assault rifle skin and a Genesis submachine-gun skin along with the 16-bit death effect that’s highly reminescent of Tron or Scott Pilgrim.

Call of Duty’s deresolution
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Tron’s deresolution
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Scott Pilgrim’s deresolution

With Infinity Ward and Activision supposedly promising actual grit and blood of real-world combat, maps that delve you into a virtual representation of the pains of war in the real world, and weapons that strive to achieve the works of it’s real world counterpart, these DLC really do become quite of a deal breaker for most players.

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With all these new additions, players have been pushed to other games just to offset the quirkiness, but Call of Duty just keeps on bringing it in. In fact, the Halloween bundle actually boasts a tie up with Saw and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchises to have Leatherface and Jigsaw as your operators.

Call Of Duty: Warzone' Is Getting Jigsaw And Leatherface Halloween Operator  Skins

So with all these happening to Call of Duty, will you stay or will you go? Let us know in the comments section below!

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