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Call of Duty Stim Bug is Back – But Fixed ASAP

The ever so annoying Infinite Stim Bug is back! Never for the best, but always for the cheapest. I’m not so sure why this got away from Activision again, but it surely brings forth some grieving issues when it comes to players abusing this hack-given superpower.

It’s definitely not the first time this stupid bug had showed up inside the game to ruin everyone’s day and play, only weeks after this stupid thing had plagued the game that pushes everyone to give into the hack just to win and outsmart cheaters. But what good does it make you if you’re in a “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality right?

Infinity Ward confirm fix for Warzone's unlimited Stim glitch | News Break

Players have took Infinity Ward’s attention to the issue, with the only resolve being a hotfix rather than a solidified patch for the exploit. Players have since then been divisive with regards to the item being taken away so the exploit won’t ever be a bother again, but that’s a longer story, a wider issue, and definitely for a different time.

COD: Warzone Infinite Stim Glitch Returns One Month After Being Fixed

Thankfully enough, the bug was short lived and Season 6 has re-entered a state of normalcy once again. But with you being a Call of Duty, let alone, a Warzone player, where would you prefer this item be placed? Are you one to actually use this if the bug doesn’t exist? Would you rather it be taken away forever? Let us know in the comments section below!

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