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Call of Duty Warzone Dec 19 Updates and Fixes

Raven Software has recently just uploaded and released a patch for Call of Duty: Warzone following the events of the helicopter invisibility glitch which occurred and plagued the game just recently. It also tackles the return of the infinite stim glitch, turning the game less fun for cheaters with nothing else better to do.

If the tweet isn’t loading well for you, here’s the TLDR

Dec 19 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed issue that allowed player to use tactical items infinitely
  • Speculative fix for players stuck when accessing loadout drops – if you still encounter this, let us know!
  • Fixed issue that prevented Seasonal Challenge progression
  • Fixed issue that prevented access to Match Summary screens
  • Fixed issue that prevented player from equipping max Cold War weapon level attachments
  • Fixed issue that displayed “unlocks at random level” instead of weapons’ intended unlock levels

With no attack helicopters getting back in sight soon, would you still continue to play? Let us know in the comments section below!

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