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Call of Duty Warzone Has Pay-to-Win Blueprint

Players have come to notice how the overpowered Mac 10 can even be more of a deus ex machina due to a certain blueprint. This blueprint can only be availed through microtransactions, which means it would require you to shell out actual money. A┬áblueprint called “Gallantry” with stats way too far out the base version of the MAC 10 easily outshines the nerf made in the past patch uploaded last January 7.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber NICKMERCS took note of this sly little broken addition, rallying for a cry to have another fix be applied to the game. The addition of the new skins not only negated the nerf, but it had also pushed the weapons to go beyond broken as long as you keep shelling out money.

Warzone slammed for "pay to win" blueprint making Mac 10 loadout even more  OP - Dexerto
The “Gallantry” blueprint

The entire community is still reeling from the bad patch, as the recoil still hasn’t been reduced despite the bit of damage negated from the DMR 14 and MAC 10.

Have you also had your fair share of trouble with these overpowered guns? Let us know in the comments section below!

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