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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 Subway Map LEAK

Oops. But it’s not like we’re all not used to Call of Duty things leaking way ahead of time. This leak is actually pretty tasty, as you can check out the actual image of the map below:

With just a few days left until the launch, the hype train surely is in full speed on this one. This mode is defintely going to be fun, as it offers several stops for full gun fight action.

With new operators, new maps, and new weapons coming in, this new season is sure to get a whole lot of crazy. Can’t wait to have Modern Warfare’s Farah or Nikolai the Soviet Fighter on your team? You have to wait until September 29 for that.

Modern Warfare Season 6 trailer: new Warzone subway, weapons, Operators |  Dexerto

For more Call of Duty updates, we’ll surely keep you posted. Cheers!

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