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Call of Duty: Warzone UPDATE – No more helicopters and pumpkin heads

Weirdly enough, the last patch update saw several untimely removals just in time for some new game mode entries. Verdansk’s night version battle royale has seen the removal of pumpkin heads and helicopters due to some glitches unforeseen. What these glitches are specifically haven’t been told, but both the helicopter and pumpkin heads still proceed on being removed.

To make up for it, several updates in game modes have been added including BR Solo Survivor, Plunder: Candy Collector and the much hyped Juggourdnaut Royale. BR Solo Survivor is basically battle royale at night in Verdansk sans the annoying zombies plaguing you while you try to win. Plunder: Candy Collector on the other hand has you collecting candy instead of cash in a typical plunder game. Juggourdnaut Royale, on the other hand, is basiccaly Juggernaut Royale renamed to fit the Halloween setting.

CoD: Warzone Juggernaut Royale: How to kill Juggernaut in Warzone | PC Gamer

You can check out on all these updates until the 3rd of November, because that is when the Haunting of Verdansk event is slated to end. Are you enjoying it all so far? Is the lack of helicopters and pumpkin heads plaguing you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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