Call of Duty

Call of Duty Warzone Wall Glitch IS BACK

The ruthless wall glitch from season 1 is back, liek a true holiday surprise from Activision and Infinity Ward. Alongside the current problems with the Juggernaut glitch that has made the game broken for most, the wall glitch is back to ruin things even further.

Reddit user u/Irons21 had managed to record a brief clip showing how his team easily got ambushed by shotgun and rifle bullets coming from a wall. Users noted that it’s a common telltale sign that a wall hack is going to happen when there’s a weirdly parked car somewhere behind a wall, so better blow that up than be sorry.

As the lack of anti-cheating systems make the game quite hard to play, Activision and Infinity Ward is yet to take notice and patch this glitch up. Players with banned accounts easily find a way to sign up, play again, and ruin everyone else’s time, making Call of Duty fun but also quite infuriating at times.

Have you experienced this wall hack glitch yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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