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Call of Duty Warzone Zombies MAJOR Easter Egg

Remember Samantha Maxis? Well, COD fans are actually speculating that she’s back. But not in the best way. The zombies seem to have a big link to her and it’s been super weird how things have been unfolding in Warzone for the past few days. Consider it Activision, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch supposedly breadcrumbing the fanbase, but it definitely is what it is.

As seen in the video above from YouTuber jansser cerdas, a ghost girl can be heard laughing amidst the tribulations of the players in trying to win a round in Warzone. Spooky as it is, it happens in Verdansk. Her comeback in the franchise is no secret, as she is revealed to be a key element on the trailer of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

That’s not the only place she’s been popping out of. As the Haunting of Verdansk event ensues, more easter eggs unveil. When you head to the bottom of the Prison POI that leads to the corridor neear the pipe entrance, a pair of undead hands seemingly shows up coming right out of the ground. But there’s actually still one more egg.

People have found out that the zombies have actually been screaming a name all this time as they try to ravage you and chase you around. If you actually slow down the audio of a zombie screaming, you can actually hear them wailing “SAM”, a name we can all connect to Ms. Maxis. It all reminds us of the same speculation back at Nacht Der Untoten, and it all lives to hunt us to this day.

Warzone™ Mode Recon: Zombie Royale

What do you think of all these? Could it actually be Samantha Maxis behind all this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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