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Cheaters in Black Ops Cold War Beta?!

Its the final beta access and cross-play between all platforms are available. With the introduction of PC players, there are reports of players using aimbots and wallhacks in the game.

Just a few hours after PC players had access to Black Ops Cold War, cheaters found its way inside the game. It’s somewhat expected because PC clients are easier to hack than consoles. But who the hell hacks in beta? It looks like Treyarch has no anti-cheat system at the moment.

Players are seeing aimbots auto-locking and wallhack users in the Kill Cam. This could be either a good thing or a bad thing for Treyarch devs.

Cheating in Beta? WTF?!

Several beta players are sharing clips of the cheaters in-game. 

why so clutch, brah?

1mp3n shared in r/blackopscoldwar a player with aimbot and wallhack. You can see the cheaters aim flicking from one player to another. 

Just spray. No need to pray.

Here, user madzuk showed a cheater spraying more than 5 guys and killing them all.

I’d be grumpy too…

Here player Metagross10048 shows a cheater named GrumpyPants with wallhack and aimbot. 

Beta Cheaters, Good or Bad for Treyarch

Cheating software appearing this early into the game could be the best thing that happened or either a disaster for the coming Black Ops Cold War launch.

If Treyarch patches the cheat and gives a smooth game launch, then the beta cheaters is a good thing. But, if they’re unable to resolve this issue, this could be disastrous for the new game. It could be like Modern Warfare Warzone all over again. 

Warzone Cheating Problem 

Pro Streamer NICKMERCS shared that Warzone is an awesome game but it suffers from the cheaters and is quickly losing players. 

This could spell disaster if this trend transfer to Black Ops Cold War.

I hope Treyarch figures this out and implement a good anti-cheat system. A manual review and ban wave isn’t really enough. Given how easy it is to create a new account and cheat again. 

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