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COD Blackout Trial Error Shows Up on Xbox

Microsoft owns up to a Xbox-related problem for the next-gen console running the next-gen game. Blackout, a Black Ops 4 game mode appears to be showing up an error message for Xbox users all around.

The error code came up with the recent patch update, as people who have been trying to play Multiplayer or Zombies get cockblocked by a “trial has ended” message that doesn’t let them proceed. Presumably, the issue may be rooted from borrowing several assets from the previous game, with the boo-boo affecting Call of Duty players from all around the world that has been using the Xbox to play the game. Since the number of complaints, Microsoft has taken the problem to their hands and has already addressed the issue:

A quick fix for this bug would be to uninstall then reinstall the game, which supposedly works for most players since the recent patch update.

Have you suffered from this too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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