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COD: Treyarch Reveals How They Decide Stat Changes

Tony Flame, a developer from Treyarch, reveals over Twitter that there is a specific set of rules that they follow when it comes to nerfing and buffing certain stats with regards to their array of guns at any player’s disposal.

The biggest deciding factor seems to be the gun’s Time-To-Kill or TTK, in which a gun exceeding Treyarch’s normal expectations would be nerfed and those falling short would be buffed accordingly. This balance keeps the multiplayer community alive in any online game, as the developers keep a watchful eye on how their game performs with a real-life, ever-so-changing audience that may produce different analytics than they have expected upon creating the game.

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With the game only been out worldwide for roughly a week, there is still much to change, fix, adapt, and overcome as time passes. The day to day activity of players would help the developers determine on how to adapt the game for the players instead of the players adapting to the game, making the overall experience a bit more interactive and the amount of fan service being amenable rather than illogical.

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