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COD Warzone-Cold War Integration Starts With A 21GB Update

After a 6 day delay, Cold War Season 1 and Warzone Season 7 is finally here. The 1.03 update of course comes with a battle pass and a much awaited integration. Along with this, a hefty 21GB patch comes into play – are new operators, maps, and weapons.

A quick rundown of the list can be seen below:

  • Six assault rifles, including the new Groza AR in the Season One battle pass system
  • Six submachine guns, including the new Mac-10 SMG in the Season One battle pass system
  • Four marksman (tactical) rifles
  • Three light machine guns
  • Three sniper rifles
  • Three pistols
  • Two shotguns
  • Three launchers, including the M79 special launcher
  • One melee weapon

The update has also taken place for the Xbox and Playstation, with the only looming problem of the update being the fact that players have since then lost their tokens upon integration. Players have painstakingly collected them and kept them aside for a while to get a much earned battle pass, only to find out that the lot is missing and the battle pass won’t carry over.

Anomalies aside, the only thing Treyarch can confirm for now are the bonuses:

“Starting 10AM December 18 to 10AM December 21, all Operators* (whether you’re in the free access or not) will earn double XP and double weapons bonuses across the available Multiplayer modes.

“The bonuses continue at 10AM on December 22 through 10AM December 28 with Double Battle Pass XP in Multiplayer to unlock Battle Pass System content twice as fast. That’s a full 10 days to level up your Operator, weapons, and Battle Pass System tiers!

“But keep in mind, from December 22-25, the Double Battle Pass XP is available only in Black Ops Cold War, and free access ends December 24. However, the Double Battle Pass XP bonus then kicks in for both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone from December 25-28.

“PlayStation users also have access to a bonus 24-hour double XP window to progress their Season 1 player level, starting at 10AM in December 17 in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.”

For what it’s worth, they’re currently giving out free access to Cold War for people to sink their teeth into.

What do you think of these recent happenings? Are you troubled by it too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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