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Guns Misalign With New Call of Duty: Warzone Glitch

It’s pretty ironic to see an FPS game mess up the gun alignment for players. I mean, if they can’t shoot, what’s the point of playing in the first place? Are we supposed to just stab each other until we in? Let’s find out I guess!

This video from Reddit user pnokmn easily shows how his shots go pretty off center and are almost a bit too left leaning. Even after dropping the gun thinking that it might’ve been the sole problem, it just isn’t it chief. As far as everyone is concerned, no one has figured out where the glitch came from, but prior to that the players did recognize how hard a time they had trying to get through a door. Might this be the cause of the glitch or was it only a sign? I guess we won’t know for now.

It wasn’t particularly an isolated case.

Aside from this specific glitch, a lot of other stuff have been showing up around Call of Duty: Warzone that’s definitely ruining the gameplay experience for everyone. Some weapons turn into some crazy Alex Mercer-prototype thing or sometimes the graphics and textures just break around a player that overloads it far enough to crash the entire lobby. For what it’s worth, most of these issues are actually coming up on the PC, so there is hope yet for the console users out there to save themselves from the frustration.

Warzone: How to Fix Gun Glitch (Black Box)

It’s a bit annoying how Infinity Ward’s Official Trello Board hasn’t been updated by this yet, so it’s surely going to take some time before it gets noticed and patched up properly. This might not be the most urgent problem to deal with since Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is coming up, The Haunting of Verdansk event is up in full speed, and Call of Duty: Mobile is celebrating its 1st anniversary. With this much divided attention, you can’t expect to have the patch update for this up next week. Yikes.

How To Quickly Fix Black Box Gun Glitch In Call of Duty Warzone

So what do you think of this glitch? Have you experienced it yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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