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Haunting in Verdansk, Undead Forces Bundle, and Some Brain-Hungry Pets

The darkness will soon fall over Verdansk. Terrors will roam the earth to hunt the living. 

Are you ready?

With Halloween just around the corner, Warzone will soon have its first Limited-Time Event(LTM). Haunting in Verdansk will start on October 20 and will last until November 3. 

While there are no official details about the event yet, a lot of leaks have been uncovered. It’s highly likely we could be seeing Zombie Mode.

In these Twitter exchange, you can see MrTheRevertz showing a clip of a creepy child’s laugh in Warzone. Nanikos then shared some images of zombies.

And there’s this icon that looks like a zombie’s hand.

There are also images of Verdansk at night.

Night vision scope anyone?

Here we see drops at the dead of night.

If we connect all theses leaks together, we could be seeing a Zombie Royale mode in the night setting. 

This could possibly be a ‘last team standing‘ mode. The goal is to be the last team with a human to win. If a player dies, they will become a zombie. Zombies can revert back to being human by eating another human player’s heart. 

This mode is somewhat similar to the Pandemic Mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout.

Undead Forces Bundle

Here is the Undead Forces bundle content

  • Red Menace Operator Skin
  • Primis Assault Rifle
  • Hellhound Finishing Move
  • Bitey Charm
  • “Woo! Damn” Operator Quip
  • Dust to Dust Emblem
  • The Crazy Place Calling Card

Brain-Hungry Pets

They also released two Halloween-themed finishers. Edward, a bat that you can unlock in the battle pass. And a Hellhound included in the Undead Forces Bundle.

Here are some clips of the finishers, chomping heads.

Are you excited for Haunting in Verdansk?

Let us know in the comments.

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