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How to cut 125GB off of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Consuming a whopping 231GB inside your hard drive for just one game isn’t a joke. Thank god this player found out how to cut some slack. A recent update has just let Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone players to compartmentalize the games, allowing for mode-specific uninstall options for the PC. Thanks, Infinity Ward for finally hearing us all out.

Infinity Ward finally adds mode-specific uninstall options for 225GB Call  of Duty: Modern Warfare on PC •

A recent 20GB patch had pushed the game to go at around 231GB in totality, but this update can easily save your PC, your hard drive, your wallet, and ultimately, your ass. now offers uninstalls for spec ops, multiplayer, and campaign. Sadly, Warzone and Modern Warfare are still inseparable, so you still have to suffer some bulk of the load.


So if you’re taking that all out, here’s how much each of those compartment frees you off in terms of space:

  • Campaign: 34.53GB
  • Multiplayer: 42.12GB
  • Spec Ops: 37.83GB

If you’re taking that all off, it easily cuts you 124.48GB worth of memory, enough for you to install a new game or two. If you’re still bummed on over the fact that Warzone and Modern Warfare are inseperable, Infinity Ward production Director Paul Haile had explained the consequence over Twitter in full. He stated that both games actually share some data such as that of operators and weapons. If you try and take away just Warzone, it’s just the maps that you’re deleting and it’s not actually that much data for you to have some knee room.

It’s a sad reality you have to face when you’re neck deep into one of the world’s greatest FPS games. What do you think of this neat little hack? Let us know in the comments section below!

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