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How to Get Free Texas Chainsaw Massacre Stuff in MW|Warzone

The Haunting of Verdansk officially started and featured two of the most iconic villains on the big screen. One of which is Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Call of Duty partnered with the franchise to give players free content. Here’s how you can claim your free Texas Chainsaw cosmetics.

The classic horror franchise, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is getting a sequel on 2021 and they’re partnered with Call of Duty to give Modern Warfare and Warzone players free emblem and calling card.

To claim the free cosmetics, you have to visit the Texas Chainsaw website. After a short and creepy intro, you’ll see an email sign up for the promotional content. A code will be sent to your email. It is said that supplies are limited. So it is best if you sign up right away if you want the free content.

The Haunting of Verdansk started October 20th and will end on November 3.

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