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How to Unlock Call of Duty: MW/Warzone Battle Pass

Know how and what to unlock in the Battle Pass

New season, new battle pass. New content for players to grind out. The battle pass still features a free track, but if you want to get the new operator Farah and Nikolai, a pet bat and some gnarly weapon skins. You’ll need to purchase the battle pass.

If it’s your first time to unlock the battle pass, here’s how you can do it.

At the Call of Duty: MW/Warzone multiplayer, simply go to the Battle Pass section. You’ll go to the purchase page and you can unlock the battle pass there.

There are two options for unlocking it.

  1. The Basic Battle Pass – 1000 CoD points*
  2. Battle Pass Bundle with 20 tiers unlocked – 2400 CoD points**

You can get CoD Points(CP) through purchases in-game.

*1100 CP – $9.99 

**2400 CP – $19.99

The Battle Pass contains 1300 free CP which you can unlock by playing and grinding your battle pass. This means you can unlock the next battle pass for free if you unlock all the CP tiers.

Here are some notable content to unlock inside the Season 6 Battle Pass

Free Track

  • War Track Pack: Hip Hop Edition
  • War Track Pack: EDM Edition

Equip these tracks on vehicles and bouncing to these sick beats as you cruise around. If you’re the one who equipped these tracks, you must be the one driving the vehicle.

  • SP-R208 bolt action marksman rifle(Tier 15)
  • AS-VAL assault rifle(Tier 31)

The SP-R208 is a mobile, but highly accurate marksman rifle. Perfect for aggressive marksman that’s always on the go.

The AS-VAL is a soviet assault rifle, pre-equipped with an integral suppressor. It has a high rate of fire and high penetration. Perfect for stealthy and accurate attacks.

Battle Pass Unlocked

If you unlocked your battle pass, here are the notable contents you can unlock.

New Operator – Farah

Farah is the founder and commander of the Urzikstan Liberation Force. You’ll instantly unlock her ‘Halmasti’ skin, and you can unlock her ‘Jinn’ and ‘Unbroken Will’ skin when you complete her operator mission.

Minotaur’s ‘Poloski’ Skin and Mission

You can unlock two variants in the Poloski skin when you finish the included Minotaur Mission.

‘Gilded Arms’ Epic Assault Rifle Blueprint

This replaces the standard 7.62 ammo with a 5.25x39mm rounds. It comes with some pre-configured attachments including the Skeleton stock.

XP Boost

A 10% XP boost that will last for the duration of the battle pass

Operator Skins

Here are the operator skins you can unlock

  • Tier 10 – Level Headed Rare Zane Skin
  • Tier 19 – On The Rocks Rare Gaz Skin
  • Tier 30 – Killer Hornet Rare Wyatt Skin
  • Tier 40 – Off Grid Rare Domino Skin
  • Tier 50 – Nostalgia – Rare Golem Skin
  • Tier 60 – The District – Rare Thorne Skin
  • Tier 70 – Perfect Cover – Rare Alice Skin
  • Tier 80 – Night Out – Epic Raines Skin
  • Tier 90 – Yenisey – Epic Bale Skin

Edward Legendary Finishing Move

Summon Edward, a bat to finish off enemies. You can unlock Edward at Tier 18.

‘Innocence Lost’ Combat Knife Blueprint

This is modeled after the screwdriver Farah used in the campaign. Unlock this at Tier 5.

Tier 100 Ultimate Rewards

New Operator – Nikolai

The Russian Nikolai is the leader of the Chimera PMC. You’ll get the ‘Arms Dealer’ when you unlock him, and the ‘For the Motherland’ and ‘Carcajou’ when you finish the missions.

‘VSS’ Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint

This comes with dark tracer rounds, high-magnification optics, and SPP 10-round mags making it an armor-piercing nightmare

‘Grizzly End’ Cargo Truck Skin

This is a Halloween inspired skin that will surely strike fear in the battlefield

Season Six Emblem

Show off your progress with this animated emblem.

Are you gonna purchase the Battle Pass? Let us know in the comments!

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