Call of Duty

Mini Warzone Royale is BACK on Call of Duty!

Season 6 has truly been looking too bright for Call of Duty, especially with the return of the undisputed playlist, Mini Warzone Royale.

The game mode offers a very aggresive take of the game through a cramped Verdansk map and very early gun fights just to keep the ball rolling. There’s no actual leeway to camp here, you better move or you’d end the game early for you!

24/7 Shipment, 24/7 Shoot House, Deathmatch Domination, Gunfight 3v3 Snipers, and Drop Zone have all joined it to max out on the fun before Season 6’s release on September 29. For now, there’d be bonuses raining like two cosmetic bundles, double XP for you and your weapons. It’s crazy right?

Psyched to check out the new game modes or are you more psyched for season 6? Let us know in the comments section below!

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