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NBA Player and FaZe Clan Member Drops Anti-Semitic Slur On COD Stream

Miami Heat center and FaZe Clan member Meyers Leonard apparently called someone a “kike bitch” over stream, to the anger of most fans of basketball and FPS games. The said stream cannot be seen in his channel as it never as saved, but people apparently managed to screen record the thing.

Leonard picked up streaming this afternoon before being inundated with questions about the slur. He eventually cut the broadcast short to “hang” with his wife. During his time with the NBA, Leonard drew criticism for another racially insensitive action. He was the only player to remain standing during an August 2020 game against the Denver Nuggets while both teams knelt in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, according to ESPN. Leonard said his decision came out of respect for the U.S. military and his brother, who is a Marine. Nothing surprising to see here, I guess.

Do you hate this guy, too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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