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New Warzone Bugs Discovered After the AS VAL and SP-R 208 Update

A couple of bugs has yet again found its way to Warzone after the AS VAL’s reign of terror ended. Infinity Ward had no choice but to disable a certain feature to prevent players from disconnecting.

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Bounty Contract Bug

Infinity Ward tweeted that they are investigating an issue with Bounty Contracts. They suspect that the bounty contracts are causing players to disconnect.

In the playlist update, Infinity Ward disabled Bounty Contracts and added maps and modes. 

  • Face Off (Stadium, Livestock, Station)
  • Hardpoint Hills & Kills
  • Rust, Scrapyard, Vacant, Hardhat 24/7
  • Blood Money Quads

Unli-Stim Shot Bug

Another game-breaking bug has been uncovered and it involves stim shots. Normally a player can only bring 2 stim shots. But this new bug makes your stim shots unlimited. Bug exploiters are now abusing this to survive in the gas. Popular streamer Symfuhny shared a clip of two players exploiting the bug at the same time.

Call of Duty League commentator, Clint Evans aka ‘Maven’ tweeted that he lost four straight games due to the stim bug.

The stim bug reportedly affects all platforms and Infinity Ward acknowledges the issue. Ashton Williams, Infinity Ward’s Senior Communications Manager stated that the company is aware of the bug and is working on a patch to fix it. 

Players are disappointed about the game’s current status. With the start of  Season 6, bugs and broken guns issues keep piling up.

I hope that Infinity Wards cleans all their mess before the Halloween-themed Haunting in Verdansk event goes live.

Have you experienced the recently found bugs?

Let us know in the comments.

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Nils Sullivan
Nils Sullivan
2 years ago

On Xbox 1, similar to last season not registering whenever I bought someone back to complete the JTF2-3 skin challenge. The Gaz challenge is not counting my wins in the Gulag.

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