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Pay-to-Win Roze Skin Now Fought Back

The obnoxious Battle Pass-exclusive Roze Rook skin proves to render the game broken in the most capitalist way possible. People have come to realize this Season 5 Battle Pass skin is a cheat and was never fair to begin with. But this time, the issue has to do with the way the outfit looks: it’s entirely black without any reflective surfaces, which means it’s very difficult to spot in dark areas of the game. Even Roze’s eyes are surrounded in black facepaint.


If it’s not making sense how having this skin could be an easy win, well, let these videos showing the dark spots in maps speak for themselves.

Since then, a lot of players have been taking a stand just to have the skin removed, with cries and pleas for help spread through the interwebs.

Since it was Activision’s move to put this out as an in-game microtransaction exclusive, it’s highly unlikely for this skin to be pulled or fixed anytime soon. Well, let’s see where this goes eh, Treyarch and Activision.

Has this fucking skin also been plaguing you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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