Call of Duty

RØKKR Royale $100,000 Tournament Kicks Off

What a great way to start Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6.

Minnesota RØKKR is hosting a $100,000 tournament, with some of the biggest names in Warzone participating.

This will be a two-day tournament, featuring 30+, three-man squads including the popular influencers, streamers, and UFC stars Stipe Miocic and Chris Weidman.

The RØKKR Royale prize pool will be distributed to the top 4 teams with a $5000 bonus for the team that gets top kills for each day.

The qualifying round for the teams will last for 3 hours. The best 4 games for each team will count towards the total points for elimination and placement spots. And the top 4 teams advance for the Playoffs.

For the final playoff, the duration will be for 2 hours and the best 2 games count towards total points.

You can watch the tournament live in the Call of Duty Twitch channel.

Here are some highlights from the ongoing RØKKR Royale tournament.

Stay tuned for more news, highlights, and leaderboard changes.

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