Call of Duty

The Infamous Gun Glitch is BACK!

Now comes with flashing lights!

Spike glitch: “I’m BACK bois! Missed me?”

Season 6 isn’t off with a great start. The annoying ‘Spiked Gun Glitch’ is back. The glitch first appeared on season 5 and made a lot of players mad. The glitch was eventually fixed but now returned along with the new season.

The glitch transforms your gun into a massive jagged spike, covering your vision. This makes players unable to fight back against enemy fire. 

Spray and pray, guys… Spray and pray, hard.

There’s no word from Activision yet but expect a patch to fix the annoying glitch soon.

Here’s another clip from Shame1essGames hit by the glitch.

Along with other glitches like the subway taking you to the danger zone, texture glitches, and crashing issues on almost all platforms. Players are getting frustrated. Imagine getting booted out of the server several times before you can play a game.

The season 6 debut is definitely not going that great.

Here’s Season 6 in a nutshell.

Go home bruh, you’re drunk.

UPDATE: A patch is now available to resolve the crashing issues. 

Any experience with glitches so far?

Tell us in the comments below.

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