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Warzone Bug Turns Battle Pass Accessory Moot

Season 6 Battle Pass Exclusives Strange Magic and Time of the Season has proven to be more of a problem than a solution, thanks to a bug that has been plaguing the game yet again and is also yet to be addressed by developer Infinity Ward. Sadly enough, wearing these two items are currently revealing your map position for your enemies despite granting you it’s promised perks, showing that the high is definitely not worth the pain.

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The main giveaway is that the item’s light that emanates from the watch for some reason can easily be seen through walls, making it seem like players are all wallhackers but truth is that the problem here is that the item’s broken.

Redditor Kurlauss has shared his fare of nasty experiences with this one over at r/CODWarzone, as it can easily be seen how the item exposes the player who uses it. What a shame, Infinity Ward. Just enough to add to last week’s infinite Stim bug, the watch proves easy to be seen through a sniper scope or via close encounter situations. Thankfully enough, the watch can be turned off through the “Inspect Watch” function. Shameful as it is to have it as a Level 93 reward via the Battle Pass, the glitch still ensues despite weeks of existence in game.

Has this bug also given you trouble for the past few weeks in-game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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